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Live Tech


Live Tech is a Data Science and AI consulting company founded in 2014 by Fulvio D’Antonio and Giorgio Grappelli, who put together the world of academic research and the expertise in the marketing sector. The aim was to realize innovative project for the AI technology.
All of the solutions thought for the business processes are based on the company’s proper platform DS4Biz RAID, which integrates techniques of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. DS4Biz RAID is a modular framework that allows to introduce AI projects into business processes easily, overcoming the sophistication which Artificial Intelligence technology usually brings with it.
Because of the flexibility of the framework, Live Tech has cross-areas solutions: by the way, the main costumers of the company belong to banking, insurance, energy and telco sectors.
Live Tech can boast people with different skills such as Data Science engineering, Big Data Analysis and processing, Machine Learning, Cognitive Automation, Robot Processing Automation, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Visual Recognition and Data Masking/Data Anonymization.
We like cross-role communication: the horizontal collaboration and support between its members, from managers to employees, is the real value of the company.
Currently, Live Tech is involved in different kinds of European projects, such as “Fandango” and “H2020 Content Personalization Network”.