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Stefano Quintarelli

Membro del Gruppo di esperti ad alto livello sull'Intelligenza Artificiale / Commissione Europea

Stefano Quintarelli, born june 14th, 1965 in Italy.

Serial entrepreneur and former Professor of Information systems, Network services and security. Founder of the first ISP, listed on the stock market and sold to BT, he has played a pivotal role in the founding and development of the italian internet ecosystem.

He has been awarded the Computer Scientist of the year award in 2009 by the Italian Computer scientists association and has been recognized by Corriere della Sera as one the 30 most innovative italian entrepreneurs. 

An active business angel, he works as advisor to international investment funds.

He was member of the Italian Parliament in the XVII legislature, member of the Commission of Internet rights of the Chamber of Deputies, leader of the Parliamentary intergroup for Technological Innovation.  

He is a recurrent contributor to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the steering board of the Italian Digital Agency, Expert of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission and a member of the Leadership council of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the UN.

Author of many articles and contributions and speaker at several conferences on digital technology, regulation and competition; his interest is the intersection between technology, regulation and markets.